CITB site safety supervisor training scheme - refresher course

At Health & Safety North East, offer a number of training courses, for those requiring further knowledge to make the workplace a safe environment for employees and clients. We also offer a number of refresher courses, that will bring health and safety knowledge up to date, including any changes in the law, legislation or procedures.

HSNE runs a refresher for the CITB Site Safety Supervisor Training Scheme (SSSTS) health and safety course, which is designed for those who attended the original course, giving information on legislative changes and their impact in the workplace.The course covers a wide range of topics, which have been affected by the changes to procedures, building upon the material of the original course.

Attendees must have attended the original SSSTS course within the last five years and possess a certificate of completion.

The aims of the SSSTS Refresher Course include:

  • Educating in the current trends within the Health and Safety Executives direction of enforcement.
  • Improving awareness of recent development in construction, legislation, health and safety, waste and environmental issues.
  • Learning about the measures that support the implementation of responsibilities under new legislation.

Course Outline
The SSSTS Refresher training will teach individuals:

  • To be aware of their responsibilities under health and safety welfare and environmental issues.
  • To be able to implement all relevant legislation, which affects them as a supervisor.
  • To be more aware of their duties and responsibilities, to manage their daily activities.

Health & Safety North East accepts a maximum of 20 individuals on this course, to ensure a top quality training experience. The course will be delivered over 8 hours in a single day, by one of our fully qualified, HSE/CITB accredited instructors, who possess the NEBOSH Construction Certificate as a minimum.

The training can be carried out either in-house or at one of Health and Safety North East’s training facilities throughout the country. Be aware that there is a definite advantage to in-house training as our instructors can tailor the learning experience to a specific workplace. This significantly reduces costs to the client.

Assessment and Achievement

Understanding of the course material is assessed by a multiple choice examination. All training from Health & Safety NE is carried out in accordance with Nationally Accredited Standards, with each successful candidate being issued a Certificate of Attainment from the CITB Construction Skills.

If you have any question about our refresher courses, or any of our other health and safety courses, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and a member of the Health and Safety North East Team, will get back to you as soon as possible.
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